Pastry shop "Slon by Moreno Debartoli" was opened in December 2019 in the heart of the Old Town of Rijeka next to the Cathedral of St. Vitus. Inspired by the first chocolate factory in the Balkans, our mission is to return the old splendor of "Slon" to Rijeka and offer the highest quality products for which it had a good reputation. All our products are made in a workshop located within the pastry shop and our guests in the morning, can enjoy the fregvens of freshly roasted croissants and quiches with the smell of freshly ground coffee. Our desserts are made from 100% natural ingredients, without additives and artificial colors. Desserts and chocolate products are made from the finest Belgian chocolate, which is confirmed by the seal of the Belgian royal family. Our chef, Moreno Debartoli is the Chocolate Ambassador for the Callebaut brand, which is the largest chocolate manufacturer in the world, which guarantees top products and all novelties in the world of chocolate.

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